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A new expression of our spirituality for
partners in mission–brother and lay–
and student leaders

Brothers of the Sacred Heart
United States Province

The Map of Our Heart has a double logo.

— The heart-shaped compass represents the Rule of Life,
    chapter one, which gives us direction.
— The antique map charts foundational journeys of the Brothers. 


  1. Foreword
  2. The Map—Rule of Life
  3. Three Voyages—Mobile   Dubuque   Basutoland
  4. Paradis—Invitation to embark

First Stage—Contemplating Gifts

  1. Le Havre—Image of God
  2. On the Wharf—Salvation
  3. Lyons St. Nizier—Baptism
  4. Aboard The Anna—Communion, Tacking Westward

 Second Stage—Contemplating a Response

  1. Guadeloupe—Self-emptying
  2. Rome—The Window
  3. Jerusalem—The Beloved Disciples
  4. Lyons-l’Antiquaille—Andre Coindre
  5. MetuchenBrother Albertinus
  6. Lyons-Pieux Secours—Brother Xavier
  7. Destination—The Sanctuary of Mission